About Greenville Bible Church



A Bible Church is a local assembly of believers operating independent of any denominational or organizational hierarchy.  They were started in the 1930’s by believers from various mainline denominations who found that their churches no longer believed the Bible to be God’s inspired and authoritative Word, but rather treated it merely as a human product with - at best - some good moral lessons to teach.  These believers withdrew their membership from their denominational churches and joined together to form new, non-denominational Bible Churches.   Despite their diverse denominational backgrounds, these believers were united by their commitment to the traditional, orthodox doctrines of Christianity.  True to this heritage, Greenville Bible Church was founded in 1978 by a body of believers who likewise were concerned about the lack of belief in their own denominational churches.  They therefore left those churches and united in fellowship around the central truths of Scripture. 


It is important to know what one believes, for what he believes will define him as a person and set the course of his life!  Without apology, therefore, we as a church are glad to be known by what we believe and teach.  Following is a summary of our core beliefs.

Being a conservative, Bible-believing ministry we affirm and contend for the core, fundamental doctrines of historic Christianity.  These include a belief in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Scriptures and their inerrancy.   We believe in the Triune nature of God.  We believe in the virgin birth, deity, sinless life, substitutionary atonement, and literal, bodily resurrection of Christ.  We hold that justification is by faith alone in Christ alone, without any addition of good works or personal merit.   We hold to the resurrection of all people:  the saved to eternal life and paradise; the lost to a literal, eternal Lake of Fire.

Additionally, we hold a basic dispensationalist approach to interpreting Scripture, thus maintaining a distinction between Israel and the Church.  In terms of prophecy, we hold to a pre-tribulational rapture of the Church, and we believe in the literal, visible, and pre-millennial second coming of Christ.  We steer a middle course between the extremes of Calvinism on the one hand, and Arminianism on the other, though, on balance, we are closer to the Calvinistic position.  (In particular, we stress the total depravity of man and the perseverance of the saints.)  We also teach a literal six-day creation of the world.  Finally, we hold to the importance of pursuing holiness - both personally and ecclesiastically.  Hence, we stress the importance of separating oneself from worldliness and such organizations as the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, etc.  We reject the Charismatic approach and the New Evangelical philosophy of ministry. 


In addition to worship services on Sunday morning and evening, we have Sunday School classes for both children and adults.  We also offer a children’s church program for the little ones during the worship service.  On Sunday nights (during the school year) we have special classes for the kids and the teens. 

We are committed to the task of evangelism.  In addition to each member’s involvement in personal, one-on-one evangelism, our church hosts the typical evangelistic outreaches to our community, such as Vacation Bible School and Bible study courses to which the public are invited.  We also support a number of missionaries around the world, each of whom reports his activities regularly to our church.  (One of the advantages of being an independent church is that we personally know and choose which missionaries we support:  they are not anonymous missionaries appointed by a larger denominational organization.)  Every member is expected to be involved in some aspect of the ministry, utilizing the gifts God has given him for His service.  Come join us, and get busy growing as a Christian and serving the Lord!

Fellowship with believers of like mind is essential for Christian growth and encouragement.  Thus, beyond our Bible-teaching and evangelistic outreaches, we also provide opportunities for fellowship among our members, such as our monthly Men’s Luncheons and our Ladies’ Scrapbooking and Scrabble Fellowships. 

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